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Koga department is located in one place as the complex production/service building in Białystok on Warynskiego 26 street. Due to the smooth cash flow which ensure our financial stability, we constantly enlarge the number of industrial machinery and successively increase employment.


Maintaining a high technology level allows our company to develop rapidly. In the field of sewing machines which prepare materials for production we make use of Italian manufacturers solution. The sewing process is held by using specialized in industrial sewing hi-tech Japanese JUKI machines.


Extensive knowledge in the field of stucture, design and bags’finishing are characteristic for Koga production. We employ experienced tailors who have many years experience in their profession. All materials which are used for manufacturing come from reputable corporations with quality certificates. Each of our materials’ suppliers is put into precise dissection. Together, working as a one team, we are genuinely proud of the “Made in Poland”label.


Special care of products’ highest quality , 100% product’s reproducibility as well as our determination in action allow us to meet the challenge of the most demanding clients. Thanks to commitment of each employee our women and man bags, messangers, clutch bags and briefcases successfully compete in European and worldwide markets.

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In order to protect from the appropriation of our designs, we provide all current designs only after e-mail or telephone contact.