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In order to receive such catalogue, please contact us by e-mail.

In the case of your own model production, the minimal order is 50items per model/color. Regarding products made of natural leather - the minimal order is reduced to 25 items per model/ color. For production of our established model, the minimal order is 8 items per model/color.

We are aware of short lead time in production as an essential tool in partnership. The standard waiting time for each order is approximately 7-14 business days. For orders over 500 items the lead time is extended to 20 business days. For orders over 1000 items the lead time is 25 business days. In long-term cooperation all deadlines are negotiated individually.

We’ve signed the partnership contracts with the major carriers in Europe and in the world, therefore we are able to deliver all manufactured items anywhere worldwide. We help you with each case related to delivery, duties and taxes.

We are able to manufacture bags using your materials.

Each season of the year is characterized by different trends. We follow the latest fashion trends to implement them and advise in the case of popular models and colors while placing your order. We take into consideration the profile of a target client, a season of the year, sales’ location, latest trends and price level. Our aim is to help you in achieving successful sales’ results of products manufactured in our factory.

Different colors are popular during fall/ winter season and other during spring/ summer. One year some materials are fashionable, another year the taste of customers is changing diametrically. On the basis of our experience we are able to help you with such selection to successfully boost the sale and achieve your clients satisfaction.

Before the production’ start we require 20% in advance payment, remaining 80% while receipt of goods. In case of long-term partnership we offer trade credit for 7-30days.

We are a professional, registered and legitimate company from Poland, we issue all invoices. We also have EU tax number : PL5422873701 ( it can be checked on VIES website)

The manufacture of new kinds of leather products is possible, of course. In such case we require only an e-mail message with the projects/ patterns and short description.

With help of hi-tech machines, the experienced team and high quality components we produce bags which are not only durable but also functional and fashionable.

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